Quartz Points

This beautiful stone has been valued throughout human history. Used in burial chambers in Europe, revered in Japan, honored by Aborigines...the list is endless. It has been called the Universal Crystal, the most widely recognized kind of gem. Quartz is a power stone and enhances all endeavors with its energy.

We offer two sizes of natural quartz points. Our large quartz points are sold in sets of three for $12 per set. Small quartz points are available in sets of five for $5 per set. Select one of the buttons below to purchase.




Rutilated Quartz

This striking stone contains inclusions of rutile, a mineral used in the creation of Titanium. The inclusions can be reddish, silver or golden. Reputed to be a stone that gets energy moving on all levels, Rutilated Quartz is associated with health and healing, mental focus and attracting love.

Our elegant tumbled Rutilated Quartzes are sold in sets of five for $7.50 per set. Click on the button below to purchase.



Smoky Quartz

This grounding, stabilizing stone is said to bring a calm energy to relationships of all sorts. Perfect for families, groups of coworkers or teams, Smoky Quartz transforms negative energy to positive. Smoky Quartz is also associated with protection and grounding.

Our lovely tumbled Smoky Quartzes are sold in sets of five for $6.25 per set. Click on the button below to purchase.






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