Esoterica features over seventy-five varieties of herbs in our herb shop! Our herbs are all quality organic, culinary-grade products to meet your every herbal need. Along with our fantastic selection of herbs, Esoterica carries delicious tea, some apothecary tools and other items commonly used by Herbalists. Herbs can be searched alphabetically Click on the photo to the left to get started.



Founded in 1982 in California, Aura Cacia provides high-quality 100% pure essential oils ethically and sustainably harvested, making them the quality leader in Aromatherapy today. Oils can be searched alphabetically. Click on the photo to the left to get started.
Esoterica also offers a wide selection of Sun's Eye Oils. These oils are made from aromatic herbs, blossoms, leaves, spices, woods, resins and essential oils. Custom blend oils are hand-mixed, appropriate to the lunar cycles and other planetary influences.  Please do not confuse Sun's Eye Oils with synthetic fragrance oils. To keep them affordable they are diluted in a base carrier oil, but this does not impede their scent or effectiveness. Click on the photo to the left to get started.



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